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Striped Marlin



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Baja, Sur:
The Baja Peninsula and the warm tropical waters of the Sea of Cortes boasts incredible blue skies and dry, sunny weather to snorkel, swim or fish. The Peninsula is over a thousand miles long and is a desert with a mountain range, beautiful beaches and offshore reefs. Itís the fishing that Baja is best known. Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Yellowtail, Roosterfish and Dorado.

Cabos San Lucas:
The farthest point south, at the tip of the Peninsula is the famous Cabo San Lucas and El Arco. But, itís the fishing most come here to do. Cabo comes into itís own during the winter months. From early January to April, this area is hot for marlin and sails. But, donít expect multiple hookups. That doesnít happen here. One or two fish per day per boat. Accommodations range from ultra beach resorts to more common condo developments. The Cabo area has been heavily developed over the past twenty years in cooperation with the Mexican Government.
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